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Make Every Man Want You - Marie Forleo

You know this book is a controversy to me. The reason I say this is because there are some things in the book which I totally disliked like when Marie starts her whole "cosmic world", " flower power" kind of talk that just didn't really make me click. Yet on the other hand, there were some other things she wrote which I totally say "Amen" to and totally agree with her on. Like for example, on one chapter she says that it is no use for a women to play the "hard to catch" game as when the guy finally does "catch her" that will be the end of the game for him and she will once again be left alone. She then goes on to explain that the right thing is for each women to build a happy, stable, fulfilling life as that will show all of those around her (not only men) that she is glad and good in her own way and this is a total magnet to attracting others to you: the fact that you are truly happy and fulfilled with what you have and are - and not something forced, put on or a set guide of rash and rigid rules.
More than being a good writer Marie is a good business woman - someone that knows how to appeal to other people, join forces and make money - which is actually something great! In one part of the book she tells women to do every single thing they do with their whole heart putting their all into it even if it is only a simple or routine chore that you must give it your all. And I think this little quote is the secret of her success and of all she has been able to do and reach up until now.
So even though I wont rant and rave on her good writing skills or great advice on how to make every man want you I can give her credit for her professional stance on life. In this she is truly good at. 

Book Review:

Make Every Man Want You (or Make Yours Want You More): How To Be So Damn Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep From Dating Yourself!
According to Kelly Ripa, “Make Every Man Want You gives every woman the tools she needs to unlock her inner magnet”. Yeah, because life is so hard for Kelly Ripa, that fat, ugly, poor, boring woman. I kid.
Make Every Man Want You is actually a great read and tells it like it is. And that might be hard to take for women who are constantly in denial. For example, Marie Forleo says, “Here’s a tip: If you think you look fat in a particular outfit, you probably do”. Hallelujah! A woman who refuses to let other women live in denial.
All in all, Marie Forleo advises women to get their own lives, only then will men gravitate towards them. So if you spend all your time giving men your all and putting yourself by the wayside, it’s time you got busy and started planning things for yourself. Go out with the girls, get a massage, and start training for a triathlon so you don’t have to keep wondering if you look fat in those pants. That’s right, I said it!
Overall, Marie Forleo offers readers a well-written and informative book that advises women on what it really takes to snag a man. And you know what? It’s really not rocket science.

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