sexta-feira, 6 de abril de 2012

The Fulfillment of a Dream!!!

So here is something different. For once I won't share one of my book reviews or latest thoughts, quotes or personal opinion on a book that I have just read.
This once I will share the reality of finally being able to accomplish a dream which became a reality at the beginning of this year. This dream? The opening of my company. It started at the beginning of this year and every day it has grown more and more making my heart burst with joy and gratitude on how wonderful life is and all the gifts we receive through it. Despite it having been something which took a lot of work, investment, time and effort - thanks to the joint partnership in working with my family - our family business has been thriving in helping many people who need English in their lives to be able to achieve it by being part of something that is not only a company - but a whole lot more - a group with a goal: HELP EVERYONE REACH THEIR OWN GOALS!!!

Take a look and get to know a little bit more about it on the following link: McHale's Inglês Particular

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