terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

Topless -Marta Medeiros

What to say about the woman who has just entered the list of my top writers? As most everything in life I got to know this author by chance.  I was talking to one of my students about the bad service we get when out shopping  and  Like as if I had said some magic word my student jumped up, ran to her room and came back with a book in hand holding what was soon to be my new precious treasure. I can attest that I am not a fan of reading cronicas (short stories) but this over here, oh they weren't short stories but yes golden glimpses coming out of a brilliant mind. So brilliant that she accepts her own faults and failures - and not only accepts them but exposes them in such a simple, witty yet deep way that makes you just totally fall in love for the author and her writtings. I would say Marta Medeiros is one hell of a woman in love with life and living and that is what she passes on when you read her books. She has something fascinating, polemic and thought provoking to say about any and every subject her mind comes up or is remembered of. So for those who might just be needing some infusion of spontaneity and smartness all in one batch take it! Marta Medeiros she is there for all who need it - you just need to pick up one of her books- I promise you there is no way you will be able to let it down.

Book Review: Martha Medeiros Em Topless, sem pudor algum, Martha Medeiros desnuda o dia-a-dia em 54 textos que revelam por que ela é conhecida como uma das mais importantes cronistas do Brasil. Ao olhar para o cotidiano, a escritora transforma o trivial em crônica, e a crônica em poesia da atualidade. Publicado primeiramente em 1997, a coletânea foi vencedora do Prêmio Açorianos de Literatura no ano seguinte. Como grande observadora e poeta que é, Martha Medeiros analisa, comenta e traz para o debate todas as normalidades e esquisitices do homem e da mulher moderna, com suas neuroses e anseios, medos e expectativas, fazendo um verdadeiro retrato de nossa época. Comenta filmes e livros, fala sobre o medo da morte, destrincha as agruras e as felicidades do casamento, tudo numa prosa ágil.

sexta-feira, 6 de abril de 2012

The Fulfillment of a Dream!!!

So here is something different. For once I won't share one of my book reviews or latest thoughts, quotes or personal opinion on a book that I have just read.
This once I will share the reality of finally being able to accomplish a dream which became a reality at the beginning of this year. This dream? The opening of my company. It started at the beginning of this year and every day it has grown more and more making my heart burst with joy and gratitude on how wonderful life is and all the gifts we receive through it. Despite it having been something which took a lot of work, investment, time and effort - thanks to the joint partnership in working with my family - our family business has been thriving in helping many people who need English in their lives to be able to achieve it by being part of something that is not only a company - but a whole lot more - a group with a goal: HELP EVERYONE REACH THEIR OWN GOALS!!!

Take a look and get to know a little bit more about it on the following link: McHale's Inglês Particular