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An Intimate Life: Sex, Love, and My Journey as a Surrogate Partner

So someone tells you
about this insaneeee profession of a sex therapist that actually has sex with her patients and you are like "wtf?!!!" A month or two later the book stares you at your face and you just know you gotta have it, read it and find out what the hell goes on in a person's head that has such a out of the box profession. 
And I read the book in one day, and I was totally won over, and I now honestly say I admire this woman and her work which helped many people despite it being so unorthodox and practicably unheard of. The book is written in a very honest and straightforward way - including scientifically proven methods and answering critical questions so that the reader can understand and see it upon a new light.
This woman (and many others of her same profession) had sex with thousands of men - totally lust free and unselfishly, wanting to cure and help the patient in need.
I still haven't watched the movie (which goes by the same "The Surrogate") but after reading the book I know that it's one more to add to my list. I hope it is at least half as good as the book, because if it is so, then I already am sure it's great!      

Book Review:

For the past forty years, Cheryl Cohen Greene has worked as a surrogate partner, helping clients to confront, consider, and ultimately accept their sexuality. In this riveting memoir, Cohen Greene shares some of her most moving cases, and also reveals her own sexual coming-of-age. Beginning with a rigid Catholic upbringing in the 1950s, where she was taught to think sex and sexual desires were unnatural and wrong, Cohen Greene struggled to reconcile her sexual identity.

An Intimate Life offers a candid look into the personal and professional life of a surrogate partner, examining the cultural and emotional ramifications of pursuing something most people do not immediately understand.

The memoir opens with Cohen Greene's work with Berkeley-based poet and journalist Mark O'Brien, whose essay "On Seeing A Sex Surrogate" was adapted into a major motion picture titled "The Sessions," which was released nationwide in October 2012.

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