domingo, 17 de março de 2013

The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks

Many of Nicholas Sparks books sadden me. They make me see what I can't have and won't ever have because the kind of love he describe doesn't exist. Or maybe it even does but only a very few lucky ones get to feel and be touched by this indescribable love. A love that lasts after fourteen years away, a love that makes all be well and back to the way it was in less than a day, a love that makes you risk everything you already have and throw it all to the wind - a love like this I believe, only in Nicholas Sparks books. 
People change, passions die, time makes you forget, go on and live on and rationality most always comes first. Men don't read women poems, don't wait for them to come back like as if they were the only ones, don't listen to a women for hours on end without getting irritated or wanting sex. Its human being, nature, the manly mind.
I do believe in love - I truly do. But in a love that is built with time, a love that is imperfect, a love which is based on common likes and interests, a love based on friendship and understanding of the other differences, a love which isn't always a flaming passion, wild emotions and sleepless nights in a sexual frenzy. Nope, that is passion - summer love - but just like summer it passes and leaves us. Love for me is like the seasons: we have summer - when our love is hot, wild and sexy -, winter - when the hard times, discussions and learning to agree despite disagreeing, autumn  - when we are finding stability, limits and mutual understanding on all parts - and at last spring - now love is a state of care, friendship, feeling safe with one another, giving each one its space and yet knowing how to enjoy each minute of love and passionate feeling which comes by our way. 
Nothing against Nicholas Sparks - I still LOVE his books and won't ever stop reading them...but I will know the difference of love in life and love in a book's pages - and enjoy both of them the same way.


The Notebook is a contemporary love story set in the pre- and post-World War II era. Noah and Allie spend a wonderful summer together, but her family and the socio-economic realities of the time prevent them from being together. Although Noah attempts to keep in contact with Allie after they are forced to separate, his letters go unanswered. Eventually, Noah professes his undying and eternal love in one final letter. Noah travels north to find gainful employment and to escape the ghost of Allie, and eventually he goes off to war. After serving his country, he returns home to restore an old farmhouse. A newspaper article about his endeavor catches Allie's eye, and 14 years after she last saw Noah, Allie returns to him. The only problem is she is engaged to another man. After spending two wonderful reunion days together, Allie must decide between the two men that she loves.

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