quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2011

Glamour Girls - Andrea Stephens

A Christian Handbook on "true beauty" with a few tips here and there on the side of how to take care of your beauty. It's not bad but it's also not good for two reasons:
1- Andrea Stephens tries too hard to be "cool" and talk "teen lingo" which ends up making the book something of a joke since she is supposed to be a Christian author. Don't know, her "wanna-become-one" with the teens just didn't stick with me (well, maybe that's cause I am past the puberty age).
2 - A lot of her advice, tips, ideas, etc. are real good and you start getting into it and want to know more but then you are left at it: wanting! She doesn't go to the end with any one subject and that makes it hard for someone that is actually trying to put her advice in practice. 
So those are my two reasons why I didn't like this book as much as I could have. 
But anyways, other than these two little critics I liked her "simple-do-at-home" exercise plan and also where she explains about our color tones and what colors go well with each certain kind of skin tone. 

Here is a short little book review on her book:

Former fashion model turned God-model Andrea Stephens knows the world of beauty, and she's not afraid to share her stuff. From cosmetics and clothes to confidence and contentment, you'll get what it takes to look, feel, and be your best. Stop hating mirrors! Go from feeling average to being a brave, breathtaking, bold B.A.B.E. - beautiful, accepted, blessed, and eternally significant.

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