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Não Se Esqueçam da Rosa - Giselda Laporta Nicolelis

This story revolves on a young girl called Hanako. Her father, Aiko was a young survivor of the Hiroshima Bomb who came to Brazil still in his childhood. Because of his exposure to radioactivity during the war his reproductive cells are affected and his genes are transfered to his  firstborn, Hanako. 
The author writes with a clear  and childlike manner but the message and simplicity of the story is what keeps you reading until you find yourself incapable of being able to stop.
A few things which touched me in this book:
 - Hanako's constant joy and desire to live despite her sickness. How she doesn't rebel against what has happened with her but tries to make the very best out of it.
 - A bit of the beauty of the Japanese culture.
 - Wars, bombs, killing and manslaughter lead to nowhere. It's a dead end street.
 - We all pay for our actions - we might have to pay the consequences for an action that has happened even  many, many years ago. What comes around goes around.
 - Humanity shows its true face during the greatest catastrophes.

Here is a beautiful poem that is in the end of the book which I will include here (sorry, it's in Portuguese):

A Rosa de Hiroshima

Pensem nas crianças
Mudas telepáticas
Pensem nas meninas
Cegas inexatas
Pensem nas mulheres
Rotas alteradas
Pensem nas feridas
Como rosas cálidas
Mas oh não se esqueçam
Da rosa da rosa
Da rosa de Hiroshima
A rosa hereditária
A rosa radioativa
Estúpida e inválida
A rosa com cirrose
A anti-rosa atômica
Sem cor sem perfume
Sem rosa sem nada

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