segunda-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2010

A Matter of Honour

Ummm...what to say about this book? It wasn't a book that impacted me, or made me think about life, want to be a better person, etc. etc. It was basically just a novel which was a good read during long boring bus ride hours, heh! I didn't understand the whole story and the style of writing is a bit old fashioned (specially when talking about "secret missions", sex and crime) but it's readable and makes time pass quicker.

Here is a  book review I found on it:

Plot Summary of Matter of Honour
"An unemployed ex-military man inherits a sealed letter in his father's will. It is an old letter that his father, at the insistance of his wife, had never opened. His father's letter to him instructed him that he was only to open the letter if a matter of family honour came up. This excellent book takes the reader over many countries in Europe as foreign agents try to take his inheritence from him. The item in question is worth far more than monetary value. This book could have been given a sub-title of "Chase" as there is a great one here. For anyone who likes a good book with a chase in it, this is one of the best. In the book the protaganist and the antagonist share the spotlight between right and wrong equally while an unknown protaganist is only briefly but effectivly seen. A highly recommended read." 

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