sexta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2010

Guia Prático Para Cuidar do Seu Orçamento

For all those that have depts or liabilities: Read this book!!! One of my students lent me this book and I took a few weeks to read it through and study it well since I am very interested in the areas of economy, investments, etc. The first four chapters of the book were incredible and I took a few practical steps towards cutting down my costs by planning my financial life a whole year ahead of me. I know, I never thought I'd have the means and will to do so and I must say that it took a while for me to do all the calculations and work out the numbers, but now I can proudly say that my financial life is neatly mapped out ahead of me until the end of 2011 and I am feeling quite proud of myself! Well, the other chapters of the book were an interesting read but completely unapplicable because the author is reffering himself to people that are in dept and how they can get rid of their depts and I, thankfully, am not even close to being in dept and nor do I have the typical "in dept" profile that most of those people have. For example: I don't have any credit card, I only use live money when I buy something, checks are something inexistant in my wallet and I pride myself in never borrowing money from anyone. But nevertheless this book was a good "eye opener" and it set me on the right path to start saving even more money! $$$
As always, here is a short book review on it: 
This is a book for men and women, husbands and wifes, parents and children - written for people of any social-economical class that wish to absorb informations and dedicate themselves to reach financial stability in short, medium or long time period. The informations and guidance given in this book apply to any person who pretends to have an organized financial life. Altogether it's a true manual of introduction in the world of finances that serves for both the housewife that is unlearned in the subject as wel as to the bank manager who pretends to expand his knowledge in this area. 

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